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About Me


I have always had a great passion for graphics, advertising and design, I began my story as a graphic designer in 1989, I graduated in Genoa from the Nicolò Barabino Art Institute and later in communication and marketing techniques at the F.I.C.I.A.P. in Alexandria.

This profession fascinates me for its peculiarity and for its wide range of applications; in fact, it satisfies my desire to seek new ways of communicating and discover different means to create and carry out works on a daily basis, with attention to the smallest details and capable of arousing not only visual emotions.


The beginnings of my career

I open a graphic studio in Genoa and later work as an Art director in some Italian agencies. In the following years, the charm and beauty of writing with ancient methods kidnaps me, using now unusual tools such as ink, watercolor, nibs, bamboo and quill used on ancient papers, such as papyrus and parchment. . I specialize in the use of materials, attending courses in material design and product quality at the major training institutions (Rina, Bureau Veritas, TUV, etc.) thus approaching the study of printing techniques most used today.


Other things about me

Before arriving at this new experience of “sailing design”, I carried out the most varied professions that led me to have contacts with a variety of professionals, photographers, illustrators, web designers, art directors, copywriters. At that time I was very young, full of hope and with so many things still to do. I believe I have achieved numerous goals, and have translated what starts from a single "idea" into "reality" which is my slogan.

Thanks to these experiences that have formed and enriched me deeply, I think I have managed to transfer all this into the things I do and that you can see on this site.

for any information. See you soon, Stefano.


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